Come sit with me

Come sit with me, where flowers thrives
And where fragrance smells heavens side.
Let you be immersed in beauty divine
And let me be, lost in you. Continue reading


My Lord

Sometimes it’s all about meeting that special person who serves the very purpose of our life. Their very presence sets the stage so perfect that we surmount the barriers which we wouldn’t even think to surpass. They seem to make everything happen so perfect, that we even doubt on them being real human. Thank you for everything. You are my God.

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Secret of a Happy Man

This poetry which I  wrote back in june 2010 which happens to be an answer to one of the poetry that we used to read in our school time. I don’t exactly remember the name of the poetry but it said that happyman’s secret is in making hay while the sun shines but somehow my views stand apart from that written by the poet.

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