About Me


My name is Rahul but more interesting than anything is my last name, “Maitrak”. If you could spell it or pronounce it correctly at the first time,I would be more than happy. Yeah its Rahul Maitrak.

I pursue Music and Writing to share the out flows of emotions that normally occur day in and day out. Two most important aspect that I believe inΒ is Creativity and Simplicity.Β SoΒ on the same note, let me be very simple and keep sharing my feelings. And please note that the things that you find here may range from music, adventure, photography, poems, tech-stuff or even an article on spiritual well being or mythology.

Well its all about me!

Do drop me your suggestion, if any! Stay Connected.

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like your blog and about me page too….. I can understand you because I also face same problem with my surname Samel…. I also like your two aspect of life….
    keep blogging…share what you want to us….we are here to listen you….
    and most important stay connected ! ; )

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  2. Rahul.. Well about this guy.. Words are just not enogh to explain him.. He is much much much more what he has written about him.. More thn anything i am the biggest fan of his writting and drumming.. And about surename.. His surname makes him more special, and i call him mr.Maitrak… Keep blogin πŸ˜ƒ

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